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The best gambling podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most enjoyable ways to absorb media. Some podcasts cover every topic, and it can feel like you are having a conversation with a friend. Since podcasters tend to cover the most popular pastimes and modern interests, it isn’t surprising that some excellent podcasts cover gambling, betting, and sports betting. 


But it can be a challenge for the listeners to find the one they want to listen to – after all, there are a million podcasts and so many platforms on which you can find them. 


The boom of the casino industry has been global, but some countries have seen significant revenue and job creation, like Ireland. Ireland has a thriving online casino industry, and you can find an incredible casino list online to help you find the best one for you. 


If you haven’t listened to a podcast before or aren’t quite sure what one is read on. 


What is a podcast?


A podcast is an audio program. It is similar to listening to the radio, except they come in episodes. Although the standard of podcasts is rising, they are written, recorded, and produced by a single person or a small team. 


Usually, podcasts will cover a specific niche and have discussions about news, opinion pieces, and guests that cover the topic too. 


You can catch up on an episode of the podcast when you have time – since they aren’t live. 


In the meantime, here are some casino podcasts that can help you get the edge when you are playing. 


Bet the Board


Bet The Board is one of the most recommended gambling podcasts, and professional bettor Todd Fuhrman runs it. As a well-known oddsmaker, you can be pretty sure when he gives you good tips – they’re worth listening to. 


Todd doesn’t just cover the basics; he takes a deep dive and talks about everything that may impact the game in question. Looking into injuries, personnel, situational football, line movement, sharp and square positions, and more. 


This might not be your best choice if you are looking for a regular podcast since it is seasonal. There are not usually new episodes in slow months. 


Listen out for the best bet you get each week because it can be gold. Their following is loyal, and you can find them very active on social media. 

The Favorites


The Favorites is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The Action Network (TAN) is a growing sports media organization producing high-quality podcasts for the past three years. 


Good to know: Sports Handle and The Action Network are owned by the same company, Better Collective, since Action’s (Action are mentioned below) takeover: May 2021.


Chad Millman is the voice of The Favourite, along with his co-host Simon Hunter. The show has incredible production, and they often have some incredible guests. 


Unlike the previous podcast, you won’t get the statistical deep-dive, but you will get a mix of random facts, pop culture, and conversation. 


Daily Wager


A 10-minute “Daily Wager” companion podcast to the TV show on ESPN is brought to you by ESPN Chalk and presented by Doug Kezirian. It changed up slightly in the 2021 seasons and had a show on Monday and Thursday. 


Doug was previously on ESPN Chalk’s Behind the Bets, which went into the culture of gambling, sports betting, and other events. 


Now there is more time spent talking to oddsmakers, and you can enjoy some of the most detailed points like ticket counting, line movement, and breakdowns for a range of sports games. 


They also give picks, so it is always worth listening to get some well-measured tips. 


Pushing The Odds


Pushing the Odds feels like a radio show, and it broadcasts each week from Las Vegas. If you are looking for a heavy focus on debates and betting focus, this is the podcast for you. 


This show can be more candid than the others as Matt Errault doesn’t hold back. Matt covers significant gambling developments and major sports – so you get the perfect combination. 


Matt also brings in other discussions, like things from his personal life and things outside of sports and betting. 


Interviews with top bookmakers, gambling industry media, pro athletes, and a wide range of other newsmakers are featured in most episodes. Any sport, point spread, issue, or headline can be brought up for debate. Every day from 1 to 4 p.m. EST, SportsMap Radio plays podcasts both online and then on its app, and it’s also accessible on all major podcast sites shortly after it airs.


The Action Network


This is a flagship podcast from Action and is already award-winning. It’s a driven podcast that gives relevant information and takes on the week of sport. 


What makes this podcast quite remarkable is that each episode covers a different sport – so you can get a deep dive into the sport that you like the most. The podcasts cover the NBA, NFL, Golf, and other lower-profile sports like the Kentucky Derby. 


This one is available on Apple Podcasts and is high-quality and certainly worth checking out. 


Against All Odds


AAO is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and the host, Cousin Sal Iacono, brings a bouncy, high-energy weekly podcast. 


While the podcasts themselves can feel like you are listening in on a banter-filled conversation between friends – that is precisely why it is worth your time. 

A lot of teasing over lost bets, bad beats, and more comes into play on this one – but it is combined with a detailed analysis of almost all organized sporting events. 


Against All Odds currently serves as the centerpiece of Iacono’s independent, gambling-focused Extra Points news site, with just portions of its prior host, The Ringer, available. Most major podcast providers continue to provide new complete episodes every week and are one of the podcasts that mix legitimate betting analysis with humor.


Gambling podcasts offer listeners tips, jokes, and some real insight into where they should be putting their cash. And, even if you don’t bet you can enjoy their sports discussion. 

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