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The top podcasts for animal lovers in 2022

From food to football, there is a podcast for almost everyone these days. The same applies to animal lovers, with a selection of animal-filled offerings winning over millions of people all around the world. Some podcasts offer dog training tips, while others might focus on raising awareness around a species that is sadly close to extinction.  


Of course, there are a variety of other animal-themed entertainment options out there, but podcasts are a convenient product for people to sample these days. They can be listened to during a morning commute to work or while relaxing in the evening and provide people with an alternative to playing animal-themed games, such as Playtech’s Buffalo Blitz slots, or from diving into one of the many wildlife documentaries that are released on BBC channels. Listening to podcasts is relaxing, they help to us keep updated on the latest news on a specific area of interest, and they can be highly entertaining along the way, with some podcasts featuring respected guests and funny personalities.


In terms of podcasts for animal lovers, the same applies. Some popular creations focus on ethics and animal care, while others might provide a comical dive into the animal kingdom. To help you decide what’s the best podcast for you, below is a look at some of the top podcasts for animal lovers in 2022.


Weird Animal Facts: Explicit


Kicking things off with a somewhat comical offering, Weird Animal Facts: Explicit educates its listeners on hilariously odd and somewhat disturbing facts about specific animals. Zookeeper Deidre does a remarkable job at hosting the podcast, offering listeners some funny insights into zoo life, perhaps around mating or behaviours. Be warned, though, it’s explicit throughout, and it certainly isn’t suitable for younger audiences.


The Animals at Home Network


Featuring pet owners and wildlife experts, The Animals at Home Network podcast covers everything. Listeners with pets can learn about reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, and a whole lot more. For many, The Animals at Home Network is one of the best animal-themed podcasts around, especially when it comes to gaining some useful information on the likes of breeding and conservation.


All Creatures Podcast


Offering one episode a week at the time of writing, All Creatures Podcast takes an informative dive into a specific species each week. An educational podcast, listeners can learn about a certain animal’s history, physiology, typical behaviours, mating strategies, and everything else in-between. The podcast also interviews a range of respected guests, with conservation and the protection of some of the planet’s most endangered animals being the main focus.


Strange Animals Podcast


















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A rather unique offering, Strange Animals Podcast features in-depth discussions on living, extinct and legendary animals and is hugely popular in certain territories around the world. If you’re keen to explore both new and old animals, then this particular podcast could be right up your street.


Pure Animal Podcast


If you have an interest in veterinary medicine and how exactly certain animals are treated for specific injuries or illnesses they have, then Pure Animal Podcast could be for you. The podcast offers its listeners with the very best views around veterinary medicine, with practitioners at the forefront of this field regularly making guest appearances and championing the health and well-being of all animals.


Talking Animals


Talking Animals features news and views from the animal kingdom, alongside some more comical dives into animal-themed songs and comedy, plus a selection of quizzes to keep you on your toes along the way. The Talking Animals podcast also features interviews with respected guests from the animal world, alongside a range of other hugely engaging content.

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