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The best health and fitness podcasts from around the world

The best health and fitness podcasts from around the world

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Alongside listening to comedy and politics podcasts, people are also accessing a selection of health and fitness productions to take charge of their physical and mental health. Some podcasts offer workout advice, while others might provide motivation around a diet, for example.


Despite the abundance of information out there, the world of health and fitness can be mightily confusing at times, after all. With conflicting advice and a wide variety of theories people claim are true, there are some excellent podcasts in this particular sphere that will stop any confusion and enable you to smash your health and fitness-related goals. Many of these podcasts can be accessed via the same smartphone you use to post social media updates and access fruit slots for real money, too, making it a portable listen that can accompany you while you work out or as you plug your headphones in during a morning commute to work.


So, in order for you to discover a perfect source of health and fitness-based information, here is a look at some of the best health and fitness podcasts from around the world.


Sika Strength


Kicking things off with an Irish-based offering, Sika Strength is both a podcast and a YouTube channel that is hosted by Eoin Murphy and Daire Fitzgerald. The pair cover everything from performance strategies to training methods, and use their experience from competitive weightlifting to educate their audience. For example, Eoin is an Olympic weightlifter. Alongside hearing from them both, the podcast also features some invaluable advice from some of the world’s most respected coaches. If you’re keen to learn about weightlifting, then Sika Strength is a fantastic option.


20 Minute Fitness Podcast


Particularly popular with busy people who perhaps don’t have the time to sit down and listen to a three-hour-long podcast, 20 Minute Fitness Podcast covers a wide variety of topics in bite-sized chunks. From fitness trends to advice around nutrition, this particular show is always backing up suggestions with the latest science. With an episode coming out every Thursday, 20 Minute Fitness Podcast is perfect to listen to ahead of any weekend workouts.


Ben Greenfield Fitness






















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A well-respected personal trainer and author who has won awards for his work, Ben Greenfield decided to educate the masses by venturing into the podcast world with a production of his own. Since then, he hasn’t looked back either, with people listening to his extensive knowledge around fitness, nutrition and health on a weekly basis. Alongside backing his advice up with new science, he also has a number of expert guests on the podcast.




While many people find motivation on a daily basis to carry out their exercise plan, others struggle at times. If you’re in need of some additional support and motivation, then Hurdle is a superb option. It’s not uncommon for people to need a boost every now and then either, making Emily Abbate the perfect person to help you on your journey. With a selection of interesting guests also appearing on the podcast at times, Hurdle is a go-to option for many people at the moment.

Found My Fitness with Rhonda Patrick


Given the fact that she holds a PhD, Rhonda Patrick’s views around health and fitness can certainly be trusted. With a large amount of listeners behind her, she specifically focusses on what is happening to our bodies when we exercise. From amino acids and mitochondria to pregnancy and exercising for depression, everything is covered in this deep dive into physical exercise. There are shorter episodes with Rhonda Patrick herself, and then longer episodes which include interviews with expert guests.

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