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Irish life

Irish life Podcasts

Gaeilge Weekly

Gaeilge Weekly Every Wednesday at 4pm. One episode in fluent Irish, another in simpler Irish. In association with Learn Irish Online. To register for membership (free trial available!), and to get access to a range of resources to improve your Irish, head over to

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Irish With Mollie

Irish With Mollie Explore the cultural and psychological phenomenon of language and learning – how Irish has faded from our tongues but we’re ready to gobble it back up. The word “gobble” comes from Irish! Let’s talk to fresh talent bringing Irishness to a new level – musicians, historians, linguists, …

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The Truck & Driver Podcast

Welcome to the only podcast dedicated to lorry drivers! The Truck & Driver Podcast sponsoered by Tom Tom is hosted by Truck & Driver Editor, Dougie Rankine with owner-driver Chris Maddison. There are also regular Team T&D contributions from our Irishman in Australia Paul O’Callaghan, and Mat Ireland. Special guests …

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Left on Read Podcast

Left on Read. A weekly podcast brought to you by Instagram sensation Julie Haynes aka Twins N’ Me and TV producer Brenda Dennehy also known as Brenda’s Bits. While Julie manages the single mom life in Cork, Brenda has crossed the Irish sea for a career in television in London. …

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Irish Stew Podcast

Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge.   If you’re Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together

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Bladhaire Clár siamsaíochta achan Déardaoin agus Aoine beo ó stiúideo Dhoirí Beaga. Beidh plé ar chúrsaí siamsaíochta, seisiúin cheoil beo sa stiúideo, trácht ar imeachtaí ar fud na tíre, agallaimh le haíonna ar fud an domhain, agus corr-phíosa spóirt freisin

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The Ireland Podcast

The Ireland Podcast is an audio magazine of celebrating one of the coolest islands on the planet. The Ireland Podcast is brought to you by Salthill Media which also publishes The Galway Podcast. Both podcasts are hosted by Fender Jackson.

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The Brian Keane Podcast

The Brian Keane Podcast Irish Fitness Entrepreneur Brian Keane answers your questions and interviews leaders in the world of fitness, health, mindset and natural wellness to share tips about all things that can support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Lose fat, build muscle, improve …

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Inside the Crime

The third season of Inside the Crime follows the story of Una Lynskey’s murder in 1971. She disappeared just a few hundred metres from her home after stepping off the bus near Porterstown Lane, Co Meath on October 12th. What followed would shatter not only the lives of Una’s loved …

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