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Planet Earth’s best sports podcasts in 2023

From music and comedy to politics and food, there is a podcast dedicated to a range of different things people enjoy.

Sport is another much-loved pastime that has a loyal following behind it, with
people dedicating their lives to a wide variety of sports. Thankfully, for fans of sports, there is a huge selection of podcasts that are well worth listening to.

The diverse nature of sports in the modern environment means that there is something for
everyone, too. For example, soccer fans can listen to podcasts dedicated to classic encounters,
while there are also podcasts that focus solely on transfer news from today. Additionally, there are
podcasts on growing sports like the UFC, alongside podcasts that are dedicated to esports or even
virtual sports casino games that people tend to play. Essentially, whatever area of sport you’re
interested in, there is most definitely a podcast solely focussing on it somewhere. Let’s look at
some of them below.

The top Gaelic football podcasts

People in Ireland and in some territories around the world enjoy Gaelic football. While the sport is
hard to follow if you’re living abroad, a podcast or two will help you keep tabs on everything and
provide insight into a sport you know and love. There are plenty of viable options here, too,
although the leading contenders include the likes of RTÉ GAA, The Throw-In, The GAA Hour, The
Football Pod, The Mayo Football Podcast, The 16th Man GAA Podcast from Pundit Arena, The
Backdoor GAA Podcast, The Second Captains Podcast, and The Locker Room Podcast – Deely
Sport Science.

Podcasts for fans of the beautiful game

Soccer is a sport that oozes passion on a weekly basis. Fans adore it. As such, there are plenty of
great podcasts that offer a strong focus on the beautiful game. They include the likes of Football

Ramble, a show that provides plenty of comical value for passionate fans, while the likes of The
Totally Football Show with James Richardson takes a deep dive into a variety of need-to-know
news that’s occurring around the world. Other great soccer podcasts include Football Weekly,
Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl, The 2 Robbies, The Athletic Football Podcast, and Kickback with

The best options for rugby lovers

Rugby is another prominent sport that is followed in Ireland and around the world. From former
heroes who now host their own shows, to fans with a passion for all things rugby, there are some
excellent rugby productions in this space. Additionally, some podcasts focus on Irish rugby, while
others might provide a deeper dive into the variety of issues that are occurring in rugby around the
world. Right now, the best options for rugby lovers include The EggChasers Rugby Podcast, The
Rugby Pod, Rugby Union Weekly, Will Greenwood’s Rugby Podcast, Rugby World’s Clubhouse,
House of Rugby, Scrum V Rugby, RTÉ Rugby, Blood &  Mud Rugby Podcast, and RugbyPass

A selection of brilliant boxing podcasts

Although some people are disillusioned with the state of heavyweight boxing, for example, there is
enough quality out there to be able to enjoy boxing in all its glory. Additionally, if you’re keen to
hear the sport’s issues discussed in great detail, then there are plenty of viable options out there in
terms of podcasts. Some productions even come in handy for aspiring fighters, while others
provide fans of the sport with a fascinating take on why a specific fighter has lost their way. From 5
live Boxing with Costello & Bunce and Tha Boxing Voice, to The Fight with Teddy Atlas and The
Last Round, there are some brilliant boxing podcasts for fans.

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