Tuesday , November 28 2023


History Ireland

History Ireland magazine has now been in production for over 27 years. The History Ireland Podcast covers a wide variety of topics, from the earliest times to the present day, in an effort to give the listener a sense of the distant past but also to offer a contemporary edge. …

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Speaking Irish

Fáilte! No grammar, no reading, no writing – just speaking Irish! This series has been created by extracting the audio from my youtube channel, Speaking Irish. The video is basically just my head talking to the camera, though, so it’s just the audio that matters! Begin with the first episode, …

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Shut The Front Door

HI, I’m Arlene McIntyre, Creative Director at Ventura Design, and you are listening to ‘Shut The Front Door ’, a light-hearted podcast that will bring you through the front door and into the homes of influential and interesting people. Home for me is one of the most important things in …

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