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Looking for an Irish rental?

Are you currently living in Ireland? Or are you maybe interested in living in Ireland, and therefore looking for a place to stay, for some time to see if it is the right thing for you? Unfortunately, the Irish housing market can be confusing to get your head around if you just started looking for a place to call your home. But don’t you worry. There’s help on its way.

Do you want to rent?

If you can’t find your way around looking for a place in the Irish housing market, you do not have to worry. Finding the perfect place for you and where you want to find peace after a long day of work can always be a bit confusing. If you are not ready to buy, either due to finance or simply because it’s easier to rent, you have come to the right place. At Rentola, they facilitate contact between you and possible tenants and landlords that are interesting for you. Therefore, you can easily have an overview of interesting places that might be your future home.

What can I rent?

Whether you are looking for an apartment or house, you should consider renting it. By renting instead of buying, you create flexibility for yourself in the future. If, for example, you have a baby, and the apartment suddenly becomes too small, or if you get a new job in another city, you have the opportunity to move or find something bigger and better without having to deal with buying another place and selling the one you are leaving. Selling an apartment or house can take years, and not everyone has the financial space to own to places at once or wants to be a landlord themselves.

What types of rentals can I get?

No matter what your need is, there will be a rental waiting for you to take the opportunity to see it. So whether your family and yourself are looking for a temporary home before finding the perfect one for you, or if you are a young adult looking for a place by yourself for the first time, or even if you want to rent a room close to your university, the perfect place for you can be found at Rentola. No matter what you need, the perfect rental is out there somewhere, and Rentola aspires to find it for you.

What are the prices?

Depending on what you are looking for, the prices will, of course, change. However, there are different price ranges of rentals in every category to ensure that you get a great place that you can afford. The prices may also vary due to the city or area you want to live in. On Rentola’s web page, you can sort the options on where you want to live and sort by your budget afterward. This way, you can see all the options avaliable to your needs and demands.


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