Wednesday , June 19 2024

The Old Galway Diary podcast with Ronnie O’Gorman and Tom Kenny Podcast

The Old Galway Diary podcast is brought to you by two of Galway’s finest writers and storytellers, Ronnie O’Gorman and Tom Kenny. Ronnie and Tom have been writing in The Galway Advertiser newspaper for over five decades and have amassed a wealth of knowledge of all things Galway over this period.

In a manner similar to how your favourite book or film draws you in, this podcast will relax, inform and entertain you. For anyone with an interest in Galway and its history, this podcast will become a ‘must hear’. It will be particularly welcomed by thousands of Galwegians who no longer reside in the city of the tribes, or the county, but can now tune in and listen to familiar voices reminding them of home.

The Galway Diary and Old Galway articles have been among the most popular and widely read pieces ever published in the paper.

Both wonderful raconteurs, Ronnie and Tom are now available on The Galway Advertiser’s podcast series on a weekly basis. Elaborating on topics they have covered in the paper, and many other aspects of Galway life and history, they bring their inimitable style to allow you relax, listen and enjoy.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Here’s a voice from the past. A former neighbour now living in Spiddal sent me the piece on the Galway Swimming Club, it was a trip down amnesia lane.

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